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Discover Greece on a motorcycle

Colourful landscape, warm and friendly people, unique seasides and twisted roads through the mountains. Blue from the sky and the sea and white from the sun. Ancient sights, modern cities and small villages. This is what you will find in Greece and the best way to experience it is with a motorcycle. But I guess you have already chosen the place so lets think about the way.

Moto Discoveries' services in a few words.
We created Moto Discoveries driven by our passion for motor biking and travelling. We know how it feels when you can't find the street of your hotel when its pouring with rain, when you discover that you have missed an interesting site, when you have to walk with your leather jacket under the hot summer sun while you are anxious for the tankbag you have left at your bike. We created Moto Discoveries so that you can relax and enjoy the views, making the most of your time, safe in the knowledge that you are seeing the best scenery, visiting the right places and riding some superb biking roads.   

Why we are different.
Our personal travelling experience made us realize that what makes a trip interesting and unique is the local people you meet and the information they give you about their place. This is where the authentic culture of a city lies.   We created Moto Discoveries so that you will discover the real Greece through high quality organized motorcycle tours.
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Peloponnese tour
9 days, 1400km
Crete tour
7 days, 1100km
Sterea tour
8 days, 1550km
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